Adult Ministry

Whether you’re young or young at heart, single or married, there’s something for everyone in our church family. We invite you to check out our Bible studies, service or fellowship opportunities at any time during the year. All offer a great way to explore God’s Word, develop relationships and make valuable contributions with your God-given gifts.


Adult Life Groups

We love to connect with and learn from the King of all kings. This happens in church on Sunday mornings and when we gather around God's Word in fellowship. We invite you to join one of our Life Groups and connect with each other and with God as He strengthens your faith through His Word.

Life Groups provide each person in King of Kings a place to grow, to connect, to encourage and be encouraged, and to serve. It is in the company of other believers that God calls, gathers, enlightens, and sanctifies us. He builds our faith, causing it to grow through the mutual study of His Word. It is in community that life's problems become manageable. We lean on each other for ideas, support, and encouragement. And as a community, it is easier to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ and the people we call family, friend, neighbor, and stranger, giving them a firsthand account of God's good work in our lives.

Because we have different kinds of people, there are different kinds of Life Groups. Most of our Life Groups are Bible study orientated, studying topics found in Scripture or going through a book in the Bible. Some groups are focused on outreach, and others are simply about spending time together fellowshipping with other Christians. Many of our groups dedicate some time to fellowship and serving others along with studying God's Word.

There are 9 wonderful Life Groups scheduled for this Winter and Spring! They will run from January 21 to April 21. Please take a look at the Life Group offerings and sign-up for any that best suits you.

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